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Kala Vandana, established in 1989 by its founder Sundara Swaminathan, is recognized as one of the finest performing arts Company in California. Students learn the theory and the art of performing Bharatanatyam in a nourishing environment from Kalakshetra trained teachers. Kala Vandana produces theatrical dance productions and professional performances of Indian classical dance -- Bharatnatyam. Bharatnatyam is the most internationally cherished classical dance form from India, with its documented origin dating back to the year 100 B.C.

The founder and Artistic Director, Sundara Swaminathan holds a post-graduate diploma from the Kalakshetra College of Fine Arts, Madras, India. Sundara Swaminathan is a well-known dancer and choreographer in the United States as well as India. Sundara has choreographed and produced several dance shows and performances in the recent years that have delighted the Bay Area audiences.

The theatrical productions of Kala Vandana include "Krishna -- the Enchanter", "Return to Tradition", "A Child's World", "Stories from the Epics of India" and "Lord of Dance". These and other Kala Vandana performances have always engrossed the audience and have received rave reviews from the press. Kala Vandana also collaborates with performers and companies, of diverse styles and traditions of dance, from various parts of the world, to produce shows.

In addition to its own productions, Kala Vandana also presents performers regularly at various ethnic, cultural and international festivals throughout the year. Kala Vandana has also performed in the Center for Arts festival, the United Nations 50th Anniversary Celebrations, the Smith Center's Season of the Arts, Festival of India and many other events. Kala Vandana performers were the center of attraction at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum's grand fundraiser event "Encounter Asia" in April 2002. It is proud to be a featured company at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival for the past six years.

Kala Vandana Dance Center is also a premier dance institute in California, known for its excellence in training young boys and girls in learning this wonderful art from India. Kala Vandana trains students in the theory and performance of Bharatnatyam in traditional and classical style and maintains superior standards.

All classes are conducted in our professional studio at San Jose. ( Click here for more details)

For more information, call (408) 238-8321 or email us.


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